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Staffordshire Hockey has taken many forms over the years, with separate organisations for Men, Women's League, and Women's Schools and Youth until recently. However, with the advent of the Single System, and the associated funding and organisational implications, the impetus was provided in 2007 to join associations - however, it was not until later that there was a restructure of the overall committee which then took control of supporting all clubs, schools, and leagues within the county.

The County is also one that has been affected over time by the confusion that is caused by the old "shire" system of managing areas and regions within the Midlands, versus the more recent County boundaries. This is further complicated by the funding being provided from England Hockey by the hockey regions that they acknowledge, even though the new Single System model is that there is no such things as Counties; coaching is provided simply at specific geographical locations and is attended by those people who find it most convenient to attend one location rather than another.

Hence, over time, whilst there will still remain the need to run a County organisation, the Single System within the area may well evolve and change.

The current structure and responsibilities for the County Association can be broadly outlined as:

Providing the following support to all official hockey activity which takes part in the region defined formerly as "Staffordshire" whilst the Black Country is seperated off when described within the Single System

  • Management of Staffordshire Clubs and the Development of Hockey within the County....
    • Affiliation to the County and the services / competitions it provides
    • Discipline Issues relating to clubs in their various leagues and cup competitions
    • Support and Development of Umpiring within the County
  • Representation to the Leagues and Non-league Competition....
    • Staffordshire Womens League
    • MRHA (for Men)
    • Badgers & Vixens Hockey
  • Staffordshire Schools and Youth (Boys and Girls)....
    • The Single System - management of JDCs and JACs within the Region
    • Clubs Competitions - Minis (U12 & U10) organised by the Association at a County level; all other age groups and Regional levels organised by England Hockey
    • Schools Competitions - organised by the Association at a County level, and then feeding into England Hockey run competitions at a Regional Level
  • Management of Association Funds, Kit, Insurance and Welfare
  • Communication of Information to the Clubs and Schools within the Region

If you have any questions about any of this detail, please do not hesitate to contact our Chairman via email.

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