About Umpiring in Staffordshire

More details can be found about the Birmingham Counties Hockey Umpiring Association (BCHUA) by visiting its website. If you wish to join the BCHUA, they are always keen to grow their membership, and can offer excellent coaching and support if requested - please email the BCHUA Level 1 Umpiring Coordinators for details on how to join up.

The County is also keen to support its Young and Developing Umpires.

Also, England Hockey has a broad range of Umpiring information and resources available on its website.

For a full list of current active Umpires in the county please contact the Birmingham Counties Umpiring Secretary via email.

If you have any burning questions you want to ask about the Rules of the Game check out the Umpiring FAQs page, where you will find info on some of the most contentious rules in hockey, and also information passed down from Midlands Umpire Coaches.

Finally, if you have any further general correspondence not covered anywhere else on this website, please contact the Chairman of Staffordshire Hockey Development Group via email.

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