Booking a Level 1 Course - All you need to know

This page contains details of:

  • What pre-requisites you need to book a course
  • How much a course costs
  • Who to contact

In order to book a course, before you contact the Level 1 Co-ordinator (LOC), you should be aware of the following details:

  • Courses require a minimum of 15 candidates to run - these do not all have to be from your club, but courses will not happen unless there are this many candidates likely to attend. You can still contact the LOC if you are happy to run the course but need to invite other clubs to attend as there are often individuals looking for courses that the LOC will know about.
  • Courses require two sessions of 3 hours, the second of which includes 1 hours written test. An indoor facility needs to be provided for both sessions.
  • When contacting the LOC, they will want to be provided with some suggestions for suitable dates and/or days of the week in order to be able to organise an available tutor.

The breakdown of costs for a course run by the BCHUA are:

  • 25.00 per person payable to England Hockey for Resource Packs which include whistle, cards, rule book, guide to umpiring book and match record cards. These packs must be purchased from England Hockey up front and are not available on a Sale and Return basis.
  • 19.00 per person payable to the BCHUA that cover the costs of:
    • Tutor Payment
    • Tutor Expenses including Mileage to/from Course
    • Mileage Expenses for Assessors (for Practical Assessments)
    • Administration costs

Bearing in mind all of the information above, you can now contact the LOC to book a course using the form below:

Or alternatively:

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